And Today Was A Day Just Like Any Other …

Good morning explorers !! I am relaxing on my couch this morning before I head off to work and I was feeling inspired to share with you something very exciting that is happening today. I discovered very early this morning around 7 am that it is Infinite Possibilities Day! What does that mean? Well it’s August 8th, 8/8, and 8 can also be read as ∞ ! What an exciting day for those of us who choose to feel it.

As I texted some of my closest people reminding them that today was significant, and alerting them to keep an eye out for all of the brilliant events that have the potential to take place today, I had one stand out thought.

Everyday is full of infinite possibilities.

Yes it is always fun to acknowledge a date alignment, and considering that today is also a full moon I have no doubt in my mind that today holds a higher energy level than most, but it is also key to remember that you can choose any day to see the magic in the world. Any day can start with a flutter in your stomach as mine did this morning, and any day can be the day that your magic starts. So I hope that you keep that in mind today as you go about your everyday lives. Try and feel the buzz in the air and the infinity that surrounds us all, and remember that although we acknowledge it today, it’s a day just like any other ☆☪∞

Happy travels xx

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