Finding Myself Day 1: Letting Go

I have to admit that I was inspired to follow this journey by a woman that I admire deeply. Her name is Stephanie Roberts and I will link her Facebook page here. I met Stephanie through my time with the Elephant Academy and I had the pleasure of working with her in our small group. Every day Stephanie posts a video explaining a lesson or an insight that she had that day and the series is entitled Falling In Love With Myself. I have been following her videos for some time now and I wanted to do something similar. Although falling in love with myself is not so much my mission, I am focusing on finding myself and hopefully finding love, admiration, and inspiration from myself in the process.

At 26, I have changed my mind on the direction of my life a number of times now. What I want to do, who I want to be, what my goals are and how I will get there. With my ideas always changing it is hard sometimes to focus on what my direction is. As a person who believes in the power of our thoughts, I find this block can sometimes be frustrating. How can I manifest what I want in life if I’m not sure what it is that I even want? But in saying that, I’m realizing at this moment that it is the setting up of expectations that is blocking my path. There is no way for me to know how something will come to fruition because I have no idea what is going to happen and in all honesty, I believe those pieces are not up to me. It’s similar to how 90% of the things that we worry about never ever happen. We have no idea what is coming next, but we can get an idea of what we want to happen and believe for it and work towards it without setting rigid diameters for how it should come about. I know what I want for my life, and although I may not know what big steps might be necessary to get there, I know what baby steps I can take today. I want to be a writer, so here I am, showing up for my writing. I want to live in abundance, so I am believing for wealth and good fortune, working hard, and remaining grateful for all that I already have. I want to see the world, so I am open to any experiences that allow me to see a new place while also embracing the beautiful place that I get to experience right now today.

The idea of letting go has been popping up for me so much lately I’m finally just now realizing that this is exactly what I’m talking about, exactly what I need to learn. I have been clinging so desperately to certain outcomes, and I believe that may be the reason behind my struggle to move forward. Whether it be my ideas for a career, location, or my relationship, I have been feeling afraid of what will come next and in response, I have hung on tightly to what I already know. I need to let go of what is in order to be open for what is coming. What is mine will stay and what never was will leave, and that’s okay. Leaving ourselves open to the coming and going of experiences can feel scary, but I believe it will be liberating. I don’t need to be in control, all is well.

So I suppose day 1 of Finding Myself will be about letting go. I’m not sure why this idea came to me but I am grateful for the flow of thought into words and I am hoping that this journey into finding myself will bring about something wonderful. I am sure that it will. Thank you, Stephanie, for the idea, and thank you reader for being here. Until tomorrow, sending you love xo

One thought on “Finding Myself Day 1: Letting Go

  1. Surrender surrender surrender!
    As a person who loves/loved(?) control, I’ve recently found a new level of joy and freedom that comes with letting go that I didn’t think was possible, or even made sense. Creating and holding space has been life-altering though for the better.

    It’s something you’ll have to keep reminding yourself but hopefully it will become easier until it becomes natural. Love you boo :-*

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